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Cap Hijab- Versatile Cotton Turban Hat

Cap Hijab- Versatile Cotton Turban Hat

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Product Description

Slip on our Cap Hijab- Versatile Cotton Turban Hat and hit the streets with style! This cotton cutie looks good on everyone from the boardroom to brunch - and beyond!

Unveil the perfect hijab cap for active days with our "Reusable Hijab Cap." This versatile cotton turban hat is a brand-new, high-quality addition to your wardrobe, available in a variety of colors including red, light blue, black, light purple, navy blue, and dark blue. With a slight stretch and a size of approximately 58cm (22.83 inches), it's an excellent choice for various activities, including yoga, hair loss head wrap, and more. Enthusiasts of hijabs, head wraps, and head coverings will love this comfortable and stylish bonnet hat.

Key Features:

Versatile and Reusable: The hijab cap is designed to be versatile and reusable, providing a practical and sustainable option for various occasions.
Slight Stretch for Comfort: With a slight stretch, this turban hat ensures comfort during wear, accommodating various head sizes with ease.
Suitable for Active Days: Perfect for active days, yoga sessions, or as a hair loss head wrap, offering both functionality and style.
Variety of Colors: Available in various colors, including red, light blue, black, light purple, navy blue, and dark blue, providing options to suit your personal style.
Brand New High-Quality Turban Hat: This hijab cap is a brand-new addition to our collection, crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort.

Comfortable and Stylish:

Elevate your headwear collection with the "Reusable Hijab Cap." Whether you're embracing an active lifestyle, participating in yoga, or simply looking for a stylish head covering, this turban hat provides the perfect solution. Choose from a variety of colors to match your personal style and make a statement with this comfortable and chic bonnet hat.


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