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Elegant Thunderstruck Modest Burkini - 3-Piece Swimwear Set

Elegant Thunderstruck Modest Burkini - 3-Piece Swimwear Set

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Chic and chic-ony! The Thunderstruck Modest Burkini is a stunning, 3-piece swim set that'll have you thunderstruck.


Dive into the world of elegance with our "Elegant Thunderstruck Modest Burkini." This 3-piece swimwear set is designed for women seeking style and modesty. Featuring a striking black color adorned with purple thunder on the front, this burkini is a true statement piece. Crafted from medium-stretch polyamide fiber, it offers both comfort and flexibility. The set includes a one-piece swimsuit with modest swimming pants, providing complete coverage without sacrificing fashion.

Key Features:

  • 3-piece swimwear set with a striking thunderstruck design.
  • Made from medium-stretch polyamide fiber for comfort and flexibility.
  • Ideal for Muslim women who value modesty and style.
  • Perfect for water activities and beach outings.


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