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Ruffle Slide Modest Swimwear Suit-3pcs UV and Protect Fabric

Ruffle Slide Modest Swimwear Suit-3pcs UV and Protect Fabric

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Introducing our Raffle Slide 3PCS Burkini Muslim Swimwear, a stylish and modest swimsuit set designed for women seeking full coverage and Modest-inspired swimwear. This set includes a swimsuit top, pants, and a detachable hijab, all crafted with a blend of stretchy and breathable materials such as spandex and nylon.

Made from high-grade nylon (80%) and spandex (20%) mixed fabric, our Raffle Slide Burkini offers a soft and lightweight feel, ensuring maximum comfort while swimming. The fabric is also quick-drying and resistant to seawater and UV rays, providing reliable protection from the sun's harmful rays.

The elegant design of our Raffle Slide Burkini features long-sleeved upper, full-length trousers, and a detachable hijab, making it a perfect choice for Muslim women seeking modest swimwear. The swimsuit is available in different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit from our sizing chart.

Our Raffle Slide Burkini provides complete UV protection, ensuring that you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, or any water activity for hours without risking sunburns. It offers full-body coverage, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the beach or pool.

Not only does our Raffle Slide Burkini offer practicality and protection, but it also has a modern and stylish look. It is designed to help you feel confident and comfortable in the sun while adhering to modesty requirements.

Cleaning our Raffle Slide Burkini is super easy. Simply hand wash both sides with cold water and let it air dry to maintain its freshness and quality.

Experience the perfect blend of modesty and style with our Raffle Slide 3PCS Burkini Muslim Swimwear. Stay comfortable, protected, and fashionable with this thoughtfully designed swimsuit set made from stretchy spandex and nylon materials.


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