Muslim women are getting active and healthier than ever before

Muslim women are getting active and healthier than ever before. They are finding ways to increase their physical activity, such as joining women-only sports teams and using apps like Fitbit and Nike+ Run Club to track progress. As well as being physically active, Muslim women are also becoming more mindful about what they eat. There is a growing trend for ‘halal nutrition’, which focuses on choosing healthy, nourishing meals that comply with Islamic dietary laws. Many halal meal kits are now available online to help Muslim women make better choices when it comes to food.

Muslim women are also exploring the world of entrepreneurship and carving out space for themselves in business sectors traditionally dominated by men. Women-owned businesses cover a wide range of industries from tech startups to fashion labels. In addition, many Muslim women are starting their own blogs and social media accounts to share their experiences and promote positivity.


By investing in female education, health care, economic empowerment and political participation, we can create lasting positive change for girls and women everywhere. Progress starts with us: let’s get out there and make a difference!

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