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Argoline Plus Size Modest Swimwear- 3pcs

Argoline Plus Size Modest Swimwear- 3pcs

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Product Description

🤩 Best Plus Size Modest Swimwear - Be beach-ready while you still bring your style! This burkini set is designed to flatter and beautifully coordinate with any look ❤️

Say goodbye to beach worries with our Argoline Plus Size Modest Swimwear – your passport to beach fun with family. This swimwear is thoughtfully designed for Conservative Bathing Suits Plus Size, offering a loose fit that makes swimming and playing at the beach a breeze.


Perfect Beach Companion: Enjoy beach outings with family confidently, thanks to the loose fit that facilitates ease of movement and play

Lightweight Comfort: Crafted with a lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and dry all day, ensuring comfort under the sun

Beautiful Color Options: Available in three beautiful colors - Red, Black, and Purple, this conservative bathing suit plus size allows you to express your style at the beach

Full Cover Hips Long Sleeve Swimsuit: The 3-piece collection includes a full-cover hips long sleeve swimsuit, hijab, and pants, ensuring complete modesty and coverage

Loose Fit: Designed for easy movement, making it ideal for swimming and beach activities.

Variety of Colors and Styles: Choose from Red, Black, and Purple to match your desired taste and style.

Comfortably Covers the Body: Ensures modesty with complete coverage, making it suitable for various body types.

Easy to Move In While Swimming: The loose fit allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring you can enjoy your time in the water.

Protects from Sun's Harmful Rays: Provides an additional layer of protection for your skin during beach days.

Why We Love It:

Argoline Plus Size Modest Swimwear is designed with the belief that you can have fun at the beach without compromising modesty. The lightweight fabric, loose fit, and variety of beautiful colors make it a delightful addition to your beachwear collection. The 3-piece set ensures complete coverage while allowing you to express your style. Get ready for a summer full of fun and confidence with this swimwear that perfectly balances modesty and style!


Best Plus Size Modest Swimwear - Be beach-ready while you still bring your style! This burkini set is designed to flatter and beautifully coordinate with any look ❤️ Flaunt your unique beach style while still feeling comfortable and confident! This Plus Size Modest Swimwear set effortlessly complements any outfit, making it the perfect choice for a day in the sun ❤️


Care Guide

To keep your Burkini in top-notch condition, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent and cold water. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric and allow it to air dry in the shade. With proper care, your Burkini will maintain its quality for many swim sessions to come.

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