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Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set- 3pcs

Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set- 3pcs

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Product Description

Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set- Make a splash with this stylishly modest set. Perfect for pool parties and beach days - you'll be turning heads!

 Immerse yourself in the free-spirited elegance of our Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set – a celebration of modern style and cultural modesty. This 3-piece ensemble harmoniously blends comfort, fashion, and functionality, catering to the needs of the contemporary Muslim woman

Key Features:

Versatile 3PCS Set: Comprising a swimsuit, pants, and a detachable hijab, this set strikes the perfect balance between coverage and freedom, ideal for various water activities.
Sunproof Material: Crafted from a premium blend of 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex, our swimwear offers robust UV protection, blocking over 90% of ultraviolet rays with a UPF rating of 40~50+.
Breathable & Quick-Drying: Experience superlative comfort with our breathable and quick-drying fabric, making transitions from water to land a breeze.
Unique Design: The top tunic features a tropical blur floral pattern, while the midsection showcases cascading lines in varying hues of blue and green. The bottom displays vivid blue tropical pictures, creating a visually stunning and unique design.
Modest Fashion: This set includes a long-sleeve top, pants, and a detachable hijab, embodying a new era of Muslim swimwear fashion that allows you to swim freely and modestly.
Real Model Photos: Our 100% real model photos reflect the comfort, fashion-forward appeal, and liberating design of the Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set.
Secure & Flexible Fit: The swimsuit adheres to your body in water and becomes loose once out, providing optimal comfort and coverage for various water activities, from surfing to swimming.

Experience the Boho Oasis:

Step into a new era of Muslim swimwear fashion with the Boho Oasis Modest Swimwear Set. The unique design, sunproof material, and breathable fabric make this ensemble a perfect choice for contemporary Muslim women who seek both style and modesty. Embrace the liberating design and celebrate your individuality with this stunning swimwear set that captures the essence of comfort, fashion, and cultural modesty.
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