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Majesty Long Cover Modest Swimwear

Majesty Long Cover Modest Swimwear

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Executive Majesty Class Modest Swimwear: beautifully designed to make a statement

This is an executive class Modest Swimwear. It has a beautifully designed floral jacket full falls down past the knees, and the tight-fitting swim pants make it seamless under the Swimsuit. Majesty Long Cover provides a full cover that can be worn in any swimming activity.   

It's perfect for those who seek to maintain their modesty while still enjoying the pool or beach. It has a great styling look;  Allowing you to enjoy the water in confidence while still looking fashionable and modest.                                                   

  • It is made of high-quality fabrics that are lightweight and breathable,
  • comfortable to wear in any weather.
  • designed to last with its durable construction, so your Modest Swimwear can be used for years to come.
  • With a full coverage design that will keep you looking stylish and modest
  • 3 piece set includes: Long Sleeve Floral Top, Swiming Tight Pants, and Active Swim Scarf 
  • Designed like a Burkini (long-full cover)
  • Perfect for many occasions including swimming on the beach, pool, surfing, and other water activities 


Modest Swimwear is the perfect choice for confident and stylish modesty! With its high-quality fabric, full coverage design, and 3-piece set it's sure to become your go-to swimwear solution.

The Majesty Long Cover Swimwear is perfect for all your summer adventures! 



Majesty Long Cover SwimwearMajesty Long Cover SwimwearMajesty Long Cover Swimwear

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