Long-Robe Burkini-3pcs

Long-Robe Burkini-3pcs

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Stylish and Comfortable Modest Swimwear-Abaya-styled Long Burkini Top and Swimwear Pants - Full Coverage and High Elasticity - Perfect for Swimming, Sports, and Outings - Black with Purple Strips!

Discover the ideal modest swimwear solution for Muslim women seeking both style and modesty. Our Burkini, crafted from a blend of 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex, offers the perfect balance of elasticity and comfort.

Long-Robe Burkini Features:

Stylish and Modest: This swimwear is designed for Muslim women who want to enjoy swimming while modest full coverage swimwear upholding their beliefs and values.

Trendy Design: The black color with purple stripes adds a fashionable touch, making it suitable not only for swimming but also for sports, running, yoga, and outings.

Modest Full Coverage: The three-piece set includes a cap, a long abaya-style swimming top, and swimwear pants, ensuring full coverage and anti-exposure.

Durable Quality: Crafted with high-quality cloth and first-class workmanship, this modest swimwear is built to last, ensuring long-lasting wear.

Freedom of Movement: The regular fit and high stretch elasticity allow for easy movement and swimming without discomfort or restrictions.

Experience the perfect fusion of style and modesty with our Burkini swimwear. It's the ideal choice for Muslim women looking to enjoy water activities without compromising their values.

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